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My family cinema

Content quality

  • We have high definition and the average code rate is 2M.

  • We have rich 4K、3D content.

  • Its average bit rate is 1.5M.

Amount of content

  • We have 850,000 program resources.

  • We have 2.8 million subtitles and 90% multiphonic content.

  • It has 700,000 program resources.

  • It has only 2.5 million subtitles and 60% multiphonic content.

Feature comparison

  • Freely switch the clarity of the program, subtitles and the dubbing.

  • Real-time problem feedback function.

YoucCine Vs MFC Content quality

YouCine apk has a high definition and an average code rate of more than 2M. MFC1.5M or more. We have several 4K、3D content. There is no way to compare this apk with another! At the same time, you can watch the latest HD movies and TV series for free anytime, anywhere.

YouCine Vs MFC Amount of content

The YouCine apk content has 850,000 while others such as the MFC plan have only 70 houses. More than 2.8 million subtitles, My family cinema is only 250w, we have more than 90% multiphonic content and less than 60% application function comparison.
In the last content we have: On TV, Top Popular, Best Rated, Netflix, HBO and Prime Video. As written above in this article, there is no comparison of this apk with the amount of content that YouCine apk has to offer.

YouCine Vs MFC Feature comparison

We can switch the setting for different network environments. We have real-time problem feedback function, launch screen function, these competing MFC products do not have the latest expression to join the main content of the community. Download your YouCine apk now on your TV box or Android. All free with content for you and your whole family! Enjoy! join us? Join our social networks now!

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