007: No Time to Die

‘No Time to Die ’is a film of renewal. He understands that the old James Bond no longer fits into the modern world and that it needs to change in order to move forward — just as the franchise also needs to give up the classic formula to survive the new times. And, like her protagonist, she makes the necessary adjustments not to become obsolete.

THis idea of displacement is something that is present throughout the film. Within the plot, we follow a James Bond who retired from MI6 and who enjoys an endless honeymoon alongside Madelleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) after the events of '007 Against Specter. But he is forced to return to action after being confronted by their past that now threatens not only the couple, but the fate of the world itself.

And in these more than five years that Bond spent away from espionage, the world has changed and there is no more room for someone like him - so much so that the title of 007 itself was passed to someone younger and more efficient. As the characters themselves present, the hero belongs to a world that no longer exists and that doesn't fit the way things are run and he needs to face this new reality.


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