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Batman getting “darker”

"Batman" one of DC's ace characters. In May 1939, Batman was born in Detective Comics #27. Once launched, it was extremely popular, and the following year had its own manga series of the same name. With the emergence of this lead character, Detective Comics also became DC's longest-running comic series.A man who is super rich in the eyes of everyone during the day, and at night is the dark knight who fears criminals in Gotham City - Batman.

2022 Batman Returns Again

About the "Batman" works not only comics but also animated films, TV series and live-action films. And what we want to introduce to you today is the new live-action movie coming back in 2022.The actor who played Batman this time is "Twilight" actor Robert Pattinson, who joked before the movie was released that if the movie failed, he would make a movie like "Fifty Shades Darker". At present, from the score of imdb, the possibility of failure should be very small!

2022's Batman continues the story of Gotham City's heroes of the night, as everyone begins to speculate about Batman's true identity! This is a bit similar to Marvel's Spider-Man this year! The film starts from the very first case of burglary and murder, successfully creating a chilling and terrifying atmosphere and laying a dark tone for the whole film. There's also a good part of Catwoman in this film, as well as those kind of head-scratching riddles that help create the horror atmosphere of the movie. The Riddler is also an important character in this movie, making it difficult for Batman and adding excitement to the movie!

Batman and Catwoman, Youcine and You

Female characters are indispensable in the story of every hero movie, such as Superman's girlfriend, Joker and Harley Quinn, Aquaman and Sea Queen, etc., so in this movie, of course, the existence of Catwoman is indispensable, they are both opponents and It is a "lover", there are many coincidences and many misunderstandings, but there is no lack of companionship! Just like Youcine will use the latest content and the latest sections to accompany your leisure time, provide you with a wealth of film and television resources, and they are all provided for free! Come and join the Youcine family!

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