Black Widow opens a new stage of Marvel -------------Youcine

On July 9, Black Widow returned with a Marvel movie that hadn't appeared on the screen for the first time in two years!While being happy as a movie fan, Youcine has a question to ask, do you know about Black Widow? Is the answer a bit vague? It doesn't matter, Youcine will take you to watch Black Widow.

In the world of Marvel, Black Widow was originally the code name for the spies trained by the Russian spy organization "Red House", and the most famous of them is of course the protagonist of our movie, Natasha. In order to train a good spy, Natasha was deprived of the ability to bear children. Later, Natasha betrayed and fled the control of the Red Room, and was chased by him, thus leading to a main line of the story.

In the film, Natasha found her "family" and repaired the relationship with them as another main line. Why did her "family" who hadn't seen her fight for a long time? The answer lies in Youcine.

There are many new movie series this week: Baby Boss 2, Peter Rabbit 2, Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard , Fear Street, and even Marvel Albums!After watching "Black Widow", there are still many new movies to watch on Youcine!


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