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Everyone Suspects---- Death on the Nile

Every suspenseful movie or anime has a few important characters: detectives, murderers, suspects. Detectives are undoubtedly god-like beings in a movie. They seem to have a halo on their heads, they know everything, and the dynamics of all things are within their control. They can connect all the details of a crime scene and carry out a crime scene. Another wonderful reasoning to find the murderer. If you want to restore their reasoning, Youcine is here for you.

Famous detective

Just like the famous detective written by British detective novelist Arthur Conan Doyle ---- Sherlock Holmes. He has a hall of thought, in which he can find anything he wants, there is no capacity limit here, there are just things you can't think of. He is good at solving problems through observation, deductive reasoning and legal knowledge. He claims to be a criminal investigation consultant. Although he is only a fictional character, in real life, his name is already a symbol of wisdom. There is also the famous detective in Japanese animation---Conan Edogawa, he is the "savior" of the Japanese police, and his idol is Sherlock Holmes!

This issue is also about a "magic detective", his name is Poirot. The story continues to focus on the mysteries of high society, as the great detective Poirot gets involved in a dangerous triangle while on vacation in Egypt, and a seemingly sweet wedding trip turns jealous and crazy. Some people think that they have no enemies in this world, but they don't know that after saying this sentence, some people have prepared a sharp blade. He boarded the ship bound for intrigue and death after sensing the unusual taste of the journey.

Youcine is at the helm for you on this trip! Take you to enjoy the scenery on the Nile, the beautiful scenery of Egypt and this wonderful reasoning. On the cruise of Youcine apk, there are not only the latest movies and TV series, but also more different categories and a complete "cruise" service! Don't miss this trip, hurry up and check your "ticket" and board the luxury cruise of Youcine!



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