Luca,Pride Month————YouCine

This June not only has the excitement of the European Cup, but also this new film that captures the end of June-Luca.

In the dull and hot summer, of course, the cool seaside is indispensable. The background of this film is set in a seaside town with a strong Italian style. The slight sea breeze, the swelling sea, the endless pasta, warmly tells the "human" growth story of the two sea monsters Luca and Alberto. After the little sea monster Luca first tastes the "Forbidden Fruit of Man", what choice will he have? All the answers are in Youcine.

Rainbow June is not only Pixar’s wonderful films, but June is also Pride Month. In recent decades, LGBT communities (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) have used Pride Month to celebrate gender diversity and protest gender discrimination and violence in the form of social movements.

Wonderful June, YouCine seizes the tail of June, designs a new section, and launches a limited section! The new column and Luca are waiting for you at YouCine!


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