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‘Mulher Rei’ (2022) goes far beyond the action and brings a necessary story

  ‘A Mulher Rei’ or ‘The Woman Rei’ is a film that appeals to all audiences. Not just because it managed to deliver an epic action-packed adventure, but because it has reflective and emotional moments, along with a very deep social critique that is actually necessary.

  ‘The Woman King’ (in its original title) is a historical epic that is based on real events- those who study History know this- produced by Sony Pictures. Its plot shows the Agojie, which is a group of warriors composed only of women who protected the African kingdom of Dahomey in the 1800s, with skills and a differentiated strength.

  This film starring Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis does not waste a scene. Its main character, Nanisca, is a General who carries with her many scars, not only on her body but also psychologically, and for that reason she always has a melancholy 'air'. To compensate for this climate, Izogie, played by actress Lashana Lynch (Maria Rambeau, in Captain Marvel), is full of charisma and has great interactions with the other characters.

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Photography, Costume Design and Scenario

  Admirable from the beginning to the end, ‘A Mulher Rei’ or ‘The Woman’ does not drop the ball even once. The action sequences draw our attention a lot, the dialogues arouse interest and the photography, costumes and scenery make us marvel. An acting show takes place, each character is present in some way. The historical basis is a true lesson, illustrating the drama experienced by the African people with very tense scenes.

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Brazilian nation is mentioned in ‘The Woman King’ (2022)

  Our beloved Brazil was mentioned in this production, even if it was not so cool, since Brazilians at the time were very engaged in the slave market. more concern with historical facts.

  With the exception of the Dora Milaje, it is difficult and even complicated to make a parallel with any other production, as the film does not fall into the question of taking the easiest paths. It goes at its own pace and delivers even more dramatic scenes, it manages to be balanced by having relaxed moments, which is really excellent.

  The feature was directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood and can be described as an excellent film. Viola Davis shines like a star while being cherished by all of us.

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Curiosities of the movie 'The Woman King' (2022)

  ‘Dahomey Amazons’, also known as Agoji, was a female military division of the Kingdom of Dahomey, existed from the 17th century to the beginning of the 20th century. An all-female regiment was needed as there were low numbers of men in the war with neighboring West African states.

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