The most familiar stranger

Every day,on the way to school and work or to the supermarket, we will pass by many strangers. We have never met but in the daily repeated life, strangers gradually become familiar.....

Hulu’s new series, "Nine Perfect Strangers", produced and starred by the goddess Nicole Kidman, tells the story of nine residents suffering from stress in the city who came to a resort with the goal of healing and went to find a kind of better lifestyle. Nine strangers who did not know each other lived a healing vacation life in the resort, so peaceful and so strange. Perfect Strangers and a perfect resort what chemical reactions will happen then?What plans does the goddess have?

All the answers are in Youcine, a perfect free online platform, where you can not only watch movies and TV series online for free, but also meet like-minded strangers.More detailed classification, so that you can quickly find your favorite programs.

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