The power of dreams

When we were in kindergarten, we were often asked what we wanted to do when we grew up. Was your answer at that time consistent with the work you are doing now? Are you still chasing your dreams now? If not, let’s learn about the stories of these three young people...

Sintonia tells that Duny, Nando and Rita grew up in the same slum and were deeply influenced by funkler, drug smuggling and evangelicalism. Although they followed different paths later, these three childhood partners finally realized that they must rely on and support each other to move forward and realize their dreams.

This show explores the world of music, crime and religion in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The dynamic music makes you can't help but hum and dance. Youcine will provide you with free accompaniment! This week Youcine launched a special section of Korean movies and series, providing you with global film and television resources for free!


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