The return of the Horror Master

What movie is exciting but scared and curious to the audience? That must be a horror movie. There must be people around you who are watching a horror movie, covering their eyes with their hands, but enjoying the movie between their fingers, right?


Then, for the one introduced next, you must bring your friends to Youcine to watch it!

"Malignant" directed by the master of horror James Wan is on the line. The film tells that Madison constantly sees illusions of terrorist murders in her dreams, and these illusions are actually real .She decided to dig out the truth and her past about the murders that happened, only to find that it was related to a devil named "Gabriel". Many fans are sighing James Wan's power after watching this film. The death toll in this film is far more than the total number of deaths in his previous movies.


So how many people died? Was it all killed by the devil "Gabriel"? And who is he? All the answers are in the free viewing platform Youcine !


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