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Themed movies to get into the New Year mood

New Year is a time to think about life, and also to program for the year 2023. Besides enjoying the New Year's Eve, a movie session is an excellent idea. After all, watching movies about the end of the year gets us into the mood for this date. So, let's go:

1.Last night (2014)


During a New Year's Eve party at Ana's (Julia Rabello) and Duda's (Paulo Tiefenthaler) house, the bathroom is the place of all the gossip and polemics. It is where Duda confesses to his wife that he is leaving her for his neighbor Rosa (Luana Piovani), who, in turn, has a very monotonous marriage to Mario (Marcos Palmeira). It is also where Alê (Luana Martau) tells Ana about her sexual adventures with her boyfriend (João Vicente de Castro), and where a drug dealer guest (Taumaturgo Ferreira) does his business. On New Year's Eve, anything can happen!

2.Party crashers (2012)


The Brazilian comedy "Party crashers" tells the story of Marco Polo (Marcelo Adnet), a manipulative and well-advised con man who decides to help Beto (Eduardo Sterblitch) win back his ex-girlfriend Laura (Mariana Ximenes). The story takes place against the backdrop of a New Year's Eve party in Rio de Janeiro, where they enter as party crashers.

3.New Year’s Eve(2011)


This movie brings parallel stories that take place on New Year's Eve in New York, which hosts one of the biggest New Year's Eve parties that exists in the world, in the cast we have big names like: Ashton Kutcher, Zac Efron, Jessica Biel, Lea Michele, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jon Bon Jovi, Robert de Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer. If you want to watch this and other subtitled and dubbed movies for free, download the free apk youcine on your cell phone or TV Box and enjoy!

4.Sex and the City (2008)


The movie Sex and The City, tells the story of friends Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, in a passage on New Year's Eve. When the main character is left at the altar by Mr. Big, depression appears, leading Carrie to lose the will to leave the house. Until, on New Year's Eve, Miranda decides to cross town in her pajamas to spend New Year's Eve with her friend.

5.The holiday (2006)


Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet) writes a well-known marriage column in London's Daily Telegraph. She is in love with Jasper (Rufus Sewell), but discovers that he is about to marry another woman. In Los Angeles is Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz), owner of a thriving advertising agency that specializes in producing movie trailers. After discovering that her boyfriend Ethan (Edward Burns) has not been faithful, Amanda finds a website on the Internet that specializes in home exchange. She and Iris get in touch and agree to exchange homes, and Iris goes to Amanda's luxurious home and Amanda goes to Iris's cottage in the English countryside. The move is soon reflected in their love lives, with Iris meeting Miles (Jack Black), a film composer who works with Ethan, and Amanda becoming involved with Iris's brother Graham (Jude Law).

6.Bridget Jones's Diary (2001)


The movie Bridget Jones's Diary shows that the New Year's season is not all about happiness. The protagonist, a thirty-year-old woman, writes a diary as part of her resolutions for the coming year, in which she reveals her problems with work, her adventures with love, and the most embarrassing situations she has ever been through in her life. How to watch free movies on the Internet? Just download the free Youcine application on your iPhone or Android phone, or even on your Box TV or Smart TV to watch the best movies! There are several genres, just choose! You also have series, cartoons to watch with the kids, talk shows, soap operas and much more! Don't waste any more time, download Youcine apk now! You won't regret it!

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