Trick or Treat

The new release of a 43-year-long movie heralds that the Halloween is approaching us. On the eve of Halloween, men, women and children will dress up to cater to the festive atmosphere, and children will go out to ask for sweets under the leadership of their parents. When you open the door, a sound of "Trick or Treat" will surround your ears. But the atmosphere of a small town is very strange. . . . . .

Mike, a name that everyone in a small town is afraid of, he is a normal person but has an "immortal body". Every Halloween, Mike will take his knife back to the town to start a new "game". Does each killing satisfy or numb the Mike behind the white mask? Can the "death squads" organized in the town stop Mike's footsteps?

The answers you want are in Youcine! Youcine will answer your doubts for free, and provide you with massive free movies and TV series resources, allowing you to spend a sweet Halloween!


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