What to do, the monsters have to go to work----Youcine

Do you remember the last scene of "Luca"? Luca got on the train to school and bid farewell to Alberto with tears. A month ago, Pixar sent Luca to school, and our monster rookie Tylor Tuskmo just graduated from Monster University and came to Monster Power Company, and is about to start his professional life.

Monster at Work is another masterpiece of Pixar, whose background is set six months after the establishment of Monsters, Inc. Sullivan and Mike found that laughter can generate energy ten times stronger than screaming, allowing Monsters, Inc to generate electricity for the city by harvesting children’s laughter instead of screaming. And our newcomer Tylor Tuskmon regards them as idols, and wants to join this team.

Monsters cannot escape the curse of going to work after graduation, and neither do we. Workplace life is stressful, but Youcine can help you alleviate all kinds of stress: if you are tired of taking care of your children, open Youcine to show them the latest cartoons and animations, and liberate yourself; if you are tired at work, come to Youcine to watch horror movies and scream to relieve pressure; The weekend is here, the whole family will open Youcine together and watch the latest cinema movies for free!

There is always a movie or a series that you like!


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