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who is your best friend?

Do you remember how you became friends? Because you are neighbors? Like things in common? Or through social media? Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, when we choose a hobby, they will recommend users with similar hobbies to us. Do you think this can make real friends?

Barney is a middle school student with social barriers. He lost his mother when he was 2 years old, which made him very scared at night. At this time, a "new" good friend Ron appeared! But this friend seems unreliable? There are many microcosms of modern social issues in the film, such as big data analysis, user information leakage, etc. Although it is an animated film, the thinking it brings is unlimited!

Regardless of the ending, Youcine is your good friend, providing you with free movie and TV series resources every day! You can also participate in Instagram to interact and @youcineoficial to share your daily life! Or leave a message to tell us your suggestions or movies and TV shows you want to watch! We also hope that you can share Youcine with more friends!

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