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“An Unforgettable Year - Spring” addresses issues relevant to society

About to fail math - the subject she hates the most, Jasmine has to take remedial classes with a cute tutor, but who bases his life on numbers. Amid family pressure and risky love, she will need to overcome her fears and limitations to follow her true dream: to be an artist.

The film “An Unforgettable Year – Spring” brings a lot closer to reality, mainly by showing how the artistic class is seen by people today. The film addresses the main themes of teenagers that bring, in addition to fun scenes, a catchy soundtrack and a light and cute couple.

The young man who wants to pursue an artistic career and also shows a romance

The production that closes the “An Unforgettable Year” franchise is based on the writing of Bruna Vieira. The season of the year where there is flowering is well represented with the film. Jasmine is the granddaughter of an artist and the daughter of the owner of a flower shop, but she wants to follow her grandmother's career and not do business as her mother dreamed.

On the other hand, we have Davi (Ronald Sotto), recently graduated from high school, studying mathematics and ends up being Jasmine's teacher. In the background of this novel we have Minas Gerais, and Ouro Preto is the background of this plot.

The encounter between two high school students is like spring when everything comes back to life. What is awakened is the ignorant heart and Youcine. You can see spring in this film, and you can see the four seasons in Youcine!

What is the right order to watch an unforgettable year?

Before spring, there is another film about summer. “An Unforgettable Year – Spring” experimented, dared and took a step of faith to have its own unique style. The beginning of the film is told through drawings, the setting is great, it shows local traditions.

The soundtrack is also very well placed. It works very well especially for the couple. And which couple doesn't want to have a rhythm to call their own, right? The production succeeds in representing the artists and showing mental health issues due to stress about complicated issues

The film also shows a lot of the friendship between the protagonist and her best friend (Bia Jordão). But at the same time it shows that women also fail each other. However, the film shows how to resolve things, this is clear and is put in a very light and pleasant way.

Undoubtedly, the film was completely successful in representing the artists. Jasmine suffers from what her mother (Juliana Alves) says about this. About how art is something for rich people, how it won't come to anything and etc... Even though it's not only the daughter's dream, but also the mother's, the woman says that. The artistic class is in fact interpreted in this way by a large part of the population and therefore it is important to address this issue.

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Another thing is how, at a certain point in her life, Jasmine is exhausted and even thinks about giving up the dream she so desires. An anxiety attack is then shown, which many of us have already experienced due to stress. The film is also full of attention-grabbing phrases, some in a joking tone; it's very cool. The themes are treated well, leaving everything very similar to reality. Beautiful to see. --TV Express

“An Unforgettable Year – Spring” comes to show that not everything is rosy in this life, that is the “x” message of the film. With strong moments, a familiar approach that awakens attention and a very "cute" romance development, the film manages to entertain well who watches.The film is great to watch anytime, with anyone and covers a variety of topics. Anyway, the film manages to portray several important issues in society and does it very well.

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