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“Beau is Afraid” brings moments of terror, dark humor and some caricatured absurdities

Did you ever hear about the boy who feared his mother?

“Beau Is Afraid” or in Portuguese “The boy who was afraid of his mother”, tells and shows this story that scares you for three hours, you might even get tired, but it is very attractive.


Beau Wassermann lives alone in an apartment complex in the center of the city, where every moment is a nightmare. Prone to anxiety and paranoia, he visits his longtime therapist, who prepares him for the imminent trip he is taking to visit his mother. But confusion sets in on the eve of Beau's departure, giving his life a surrealistic turn. Unable to reach his destination in a world gone mad, traveling roads that don't appear on any map, Beau is driven to confront his own life and the lies he's been told by those closest to him.

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The environment in which the character finds himself is marked by bad things


The downtown neighborhood where Beau lives is marked by violence and also by madness: people punch each other and argue in the middle of the street, threaten to commit suicide and, of course, there are also dead bodies scattered everywhere. I can describe it as a production with a lot of death and destruction. In conjunction with longtime collaborator Pawel Pogorzelski, Aster examines this chaos as the wonderful Peter Greenaway did at long tables enjoying a beautiful meal in “The Cook, theThief, His Wife and His Lover”. Here, these research shots fantastically capture a melancholy and very sick world in which people are eaten alive even in broad daylight. Amazing isn't it?

What then is the world-building of “Beau Is Afraid” on Youcine?


This construction, worldview for Beau is like a furious breach of the gigantic anxieties that we will see later in the present time and also in flashbacks: the threat of being unable to please others and the impossibility of bad luck that does not stop advancing. . In her sure sense of humor, Aster manages to get you involved with each irrational and claustrophobic development.

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“Beau Is Afraid” is told in chapters of varying lengths, in which Beau experiences an ebb and flow of security. After a breakdown that sends him screaming and running naked through the city streets, Beau finds himself badly injured and in the care of two suburban parents (Nathan Lane and Amy Ryan), who cover their own pain with enough smiles.


Actress Zoe Lister-Jones, who plays Mona, shows a great performance. By interpreting and conveying Mona's control and need, Lister-Jones reveals what created such a problem in Beau's mind as she helps us understand it better. She has a sequence in which a different colored light catches on her face as she lies in the dark with her son, telling him of a memory that will mar the Beau character forever.


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The third part of that film, its specific events are tweaked a bit here, it shows “Beau Is Afraid” taking on its full form as an exploration film adapted from the role of a professional therapist. It's a complete emotional and psychological trauma, with moments of terror, caricatured absurdities and a mix of past and present, I have to write here that the background music helped a lot.


Aster brings here more characters, revelations and more psychological variety. But for all the power of this job, it creates a weariness that doesn't work in Aster's favor. The sequel is admirable - its unsettling backdrop of current architecture is wonderful, and there are laugh-out-loud shots to level it all off.

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