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"Through My Window: Overseas" appears to be a scene couples walk through

More or less a year and a half ago, Netflix aired the film “Através da Minha Janela”, and it became a production with one of the largest audiences on its platform. The film is a Spanish teen production and is based on several books written by Ariana Godoy.

So now we move on to the second one, “Through My Window: Overseas”. After a year of a long-distance relationship, Raquel and Ares are reunited on a hot trip to the beach. But will their love survive new flings and insecurities?

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The story in “Through My Window: Beyond the Sea” brings new plots

For you spectators who don't know, the Hidalgos are very rich and their three young children have many temporary conquests, but Ares in the previous chapter fell in love with Raquel, a young woman much less wealthy than him.

Their studies separated them at the end of the first, and for this second, the apprehension of a meeting - which never comes - and the possible new stories that will be starting to emerge between them motivates the narrative of “Atrave da Minha Janela: Além-Mar” . However, the point is that nothing manages to get the viewer's attention, even if they strive for a new voice to emerge.

And if you thought the male characters were a bit macho in the first one, here the exceptions are very rare. Two of the brothers, Ares and Artemis, are assholes for the way they act and decide to hide their stories. Neither of them deserves the women they fell in love with, Raquel and Claudia are figures who end up losing their gaze when getting involved with these two types of guys.

This new film, despite already being a hit, still has the same problems as the previous one, the lack of inspiration, the shallow content and qualitative issues. According to news from movie sites, the production also already has a third part.

What changed from the first “Through My Window” to this one?

At the beginning, we already noticed that “Through My Window: Beyond the Sea”brings more luxury than the other. And yes, this issue of sexuality plus exposure was already included in the planning of the series. Here, we are talking about a group of post-adolescents, and whose rage knows no bounds; this would be interesting to discuss, but the limits here limit possible advances.

Those in charge of this work remain the same, in the direction is Marçal Forés and Eduard Sola in the adaptation. The good news is that for those who enjoyed the couple Ares and Raquel, the film should remain cool; for those who would like to see the couple Artemis and Claudia more open, the problem continues, and both star in sad scenes of emotional and professional submission.

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Near the end, “Through My Window: Beyond the Sea” reserves a catastrophe for viewers, in which the film unfolds with perseverance. It ends up creating a noise between the total vulgarity that the film presents at the beginning and this dramaticity that is also accentuated at the end, but I believe that those who have watched this far will be anxious for at least one more chapter.

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