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A man who "don't like" the earth

In the universe, we can see a vibrant and beautiful blue planet, which is the earth we live in! There are dense forests, vast grasslands, endless seas and countless kinds of creatures on the earth. Together with human beings, they constitute biodiversity and enrich the earth! But there is such a man who doesn't seem to like the earth very much.

Roland Emmerich.

Maybe you are not familiar with this name, but you must know his works: 2012, Independence Day, Godzilla etc. Have you ever found that Roland Emmerich's works have elements of "disaster". Born in Germany on November 10, 1955, he returned to school in 1977 to study producing and directing at the Film and Television Academy in Munich. Not only does his work focus on disasters, but the cost of each one is high. The graduation film "The Noahs Ark Principle" is the most expensive student work ever produced in Germany, and it is also an unprecedented selection for the opening film of the Berlin Film Festival!

Moonfall film 2022

In 2022, he returns to the big screen with the latest "disaster movie"! The movie "Moonfall" tells the story of the moon being pushed by a mysterious force, causing it to deviate from its normal orbit and hit the earth! A long-hidden secret has surfaced in this disaster, Brian Harper, played by Patrick Wilson, did not flinch in the face of the disaster, re-entering the cockpit after a long absence, using his skill and intelligence with his small team Help humanity and solve puzzles!

This time the movie shows the audience the "dark" side of the moon, and Youcine is responsible for the colorful side! Youcine apk has rich content, detailed classification, exclusive children's section and supports multiple language settings, showing a complete and perfect side to all users! Come join us and enrich every aspect of life!

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