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“Friends: The Reunion” - A twisting trip down memory lane

The six stars of Friends are in a recreated scenario of Monica and Rachel's apartment sitting on a sofa remembering the -let's say strange- moment in their lives when Friends became a pop culture phenomenon. Only these six stars really know what the Friends experience was like, but you may wonder when you see this documentary, "But why then bring others to talk about it?"

This meeting was supposed to be the launch event. But, covid hit, so it wasn't safe for Schwimmer and the others to sit on the Central Perk couch for that. At the same time, the pandemic has turned cast meetings into a quarantine staple. So when it was difficult to produce a TV note, it was easy to get temporary actors to appear together in the reunion apk, swapping old stories and maybe interpreting an old script and raising money for charity. In a way, those online meetings made that uproar about Friends being late seem kind of silly, and did that couch really matter?


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Analyzing the question it can be said that, when it comes to TV reunions, there is Friends and then the rest, and why? Well, for two reasons: One, it was not only huge success in the days when most viewers watched only multiple networks, but also success in the streaming era. ER (in an ER virtual meeting featured George Clooney), sometimes rated higher in the '90s than its TV counterpart, but it didn't have nearly the same impact it does on generations that came after Friends went through reruns, a long passage through Netflix and HBO Max. A second point: there is scarcity. After years, the actors were only reunited in the same room again, and not publicly.

And these are people who have graced the cover of just about every magazine there has been for the last 30 years, with a focus on Jennifer Aniston who reigned as one of the most famous artists in the world. As for the cast, Seinfeld reprized the roles for an entire season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

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The simplicity of Zoom meetings also means that the focus is on people talking and telling stories, which Friends: The Reunion can never let go of. And the parts that aren't all six chatting together struggle to justify their existence.


There are seven different pieces linked to the reunion: First: the actors talking together on stage; Second: the actors doing a new version of the trivia contest of one of the most beloved episodes: the one with “Embryos”, to see who remembers the most plot points of the show; Third: the actors periodically doing retellings of famous scenes, with their new performances interspersed with clips of the originals; Fourth: the costumed actors sitting in front of the fountain from the opening credits sequence, being interviewed by James Corden in front of a crowd of socially distanced fans; Fifth: new interviews with fellow creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane, as well as executive producer Kevin Bright, explaining the history of the show; Sixth: testimonials from fans, both civilians and other stars. Seventh: Actors sometimes watch clips and bloopers from the show.

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Something super productive, as many of these pieces have their own minor segments, such as a strange parade of memorable clothes from Friends during one of Corden's stints. And most of this stuff involves people - other than the six stars - who show up there trying to explain why Friends matters. And of course, it's an exciting thing to see people from all over the world tell stories of personal struggles that Ross and Rachel helped them overcome. However, do you think this is necessary? For similar stories can be and have been told about any popular piece of entertainment. For example, what does Beckham and Kit Harington add to discussing which friend they go after most?

Several memorable Friends guests appear in different segments, most providing little value. But, something happens when the Friends artists are alone, there's a different energy. I believe that no one else could appreciate what they went through, and that can be felt and understood throughout this special.

Some actors show how easy it is for them to get back into character after so long, while for others not so much. Well, it could even be that the version everyone wanted to do was simpler, and all extraneous material and guests were added in a way to differentiate this from the various meetings that took place in between. But, having all your friends under the old place, it must be enough for us, and I'm sure it was enough for them.

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