Hush, don't make a sound!————Youcine

"Don't make any noise! If they hear you, they hunt you"

The short lines of words on the poster, combined with torn scratches, made people unconsciously quiet.In order to continue this "unique" quiet rule, "A Quiet Place 2" was launched hotly.The beginning of the second part re-narrates the beginning of the disaster: lively community activities, free walking and talking are in sharp contrast with the quiet streets afterwards.How did Evelyn, who lost her husband, lead the three children to fight the hearing-sensitive monster? How long can a baby live on oxygen cylinders? Youcine tells you quietly...

Youcine updates the latest film series and cartoons every week. Hot programs: Loki, Luca, sex/life and new columns are all waiting for your click to watch! Brand new July, brand new content, unchanged Youcine attitude!

Shh, it's coming!


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