Look, we're in the jungle ---Youcine

Whenever we think of the jungle, the song of He's a Pirate rings in our ears and we'll see the man, Captain Jack.

But today, Youcine will introduce you to another way to play in the wild, which is " The Curse in the Wilds" which will be broadcast on Youcine.

This film is a film of the same name created by Disney based on the installations of the veteran project "Jungle Cruise" from its own amusement park. He invites Dwayne Johnson and actress from a quiet place, Emily Blunt, to participate.

The film tells how the urban woman from London played by Emily Blunt accidentally discovered the secret of a treasure in the jungle. After escaping alone from the bandits, she found Frank played by Johnson as a teammate to hide from others and for the adventure in the jungle.

The new weekend will start again! There are many new movies released this week, Kingdom: Ashin of the North, Blood Red Sky, Who's Gonna Get Mario? etc. Come to Youcine to find a new week of happiness!


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