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Past, Present, Future

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

We often sigh about the passage of time, and always say: time is like a river, it can only flow forward continuously; time can make us grow and obtain "gold", but gold cannot buy time; Far. Do you remember any interesting experiences from your childhood? Do you have any regrets or regrets while growing up? Can this regret be resolved now? In the future, can you share these things with your family and friends without any scruples?

If you had a chance to ride a time machine, which time period would you most like to go back to? Why? And our protagonist Adam, played by Ryan Reynolds, seems to have taken the initiative to create this time-travel opportunity for himself and started his "The Adam Project". The film tells the story of a pilot who travels through time and space, faces the past with his young self and his late father, and saves the future. From the story line, it is a relatively ordinary technology film, but the protagonists have brought us a lot of surprises. On the cast, you can see a lot of familiar faces. In fact, it is difficult for you to imagine what kind of story will happen when they get together! For example, Adam likes to talk nonsense since he was a child, so we can see the scene of two Adams bickering with each other. The comedy element is full score. In addition to the appearance of his father at the end of the story, his signature scientific and philosophical design is also very pleasing. , The mutual bickering between father and son makes people feel the beauty of such a father-son relationship, which has become one of the highlights of this movie!

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