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Please look up!

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Do you remember the last time you watched the news seriously? Did you know it through TV or some other social media? Have you looked up at the roadside scenery for a long time?

Netflix's latest "Don't Look Up" tells the story of a graduate student in astronomy and her professor who discovered that a comet orbiting in the solar system would collide with the earth in six months. It was a major discovery, but no one believed it. In order to make the people who have been bowing their heads raised their heads, they struggled. . . . . .

After Youcine finishes watching this video, it will bring you deep thoughts. It is also during this busy day to leave a little space for yourself and look up at the world! Look up and take a look at Youcine's latest section to see these free movies and TV shows!

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