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“The Flatshare” – Enjoy this hot and delicious bath in this romantic comedy

  Have you ever heard that “the simple things in life are the best?” Yeah, we actually need that to be really happy, you know right? It's like having a nice hot bath after a long day of activities, or watching a beautiful romantic comedy - which is the same story told over and over again - but which is pleasurable.

  In these films, the actors need to have a great “chemistry”. Then they need to have something that unites the two without being a stupid thing. There's... of course, the guy has to have a motorcycle too. “The Flatshare” fulfilled these requirements.

  So, our match is: Tiffany (Jessica Brown Findlay, dressed in the series' weirdest outfits) and Leon (Anthony Welsh, whose career lasts to this day – he's had appearances in Hanna, Brassic, The Great, Master of None.

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  The magazine Tiffany works for is called Bother. The stupid thing here is that they're sharing an apartment and a bed, but they've never met, can that? Tiffany sleeps there from 8 pm to 8 am, then changes the sheets and leaves for Leon who is tired and sore from the night shift in a ward (he's such a gem! And you'll see how.... she's trying to get over it) !), you can go home, have a minor fight with your girlfriend and then sleep during the day.

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  They communicate – at first in a “passive-aggressive” way, and then in a touching but argumentative way, and also have several misunderstandings – exclusively through posts. Do you think it's kind of... stupid? Well, if so, that sometimes works well, because we are also stupid sometimes, isn't it?.

  “The Flatshare” is based on the bestselling and beloved book by Beth O’Leary. This show is never trying to go into a cliffhanger setting, and that's great. The split-screen storytelling is pretty smart, and there are some interesting soundtracks to life in London. In fact, I would like to see more engaging and enchanting stories having that time to have fun together, and yes, indeed the film does that. Watching him is like being really tired and taking a nice hot bath to relax!

  What “The Flatshare” does and draws attention is to know very well what it is – a fun romantic comedy and a “bit cheesy”, but that works and does us good. Sometimes, we just need productions like this: to make us relax and have fun, and see two beautiful people having different misunderstandings until….they fall in love.

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