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When can we see him take a break

Liam Neeson, have you heard of this name? Liam Neeson was born in Northern Ireland to academic parents and a sister to teachers. Nissen has worked as a forklift operator at the Guinness Brewery, as well as a truck driver, assistant architect and amateur boxer. In 1976, he joined theatre acting, giving his first professional performance in the play "The Rising People". Two years later, he was discovered by director John Boorman and began his acting career. Perhaps because he used to be an amateur boxer, many of the movies he was in were action movies and were all about rescuing the people around him. In 2022 he's back to save others!

Blacklight showtimes

The movie "Blacklight" begins with a beautiful woman giving her "testimonials" in front of the White House, and tells the story of old FBI agent Travis Bullock (Liam Neeson) who was ordered to rescue an undercover agent in distress, and later found himself Trapped in a huge conspiracy. According to the development of the movie, we must think that the old agent must have something to do with this beauty, but the answer this time is whether Brock has nothing to do with this beauty, but the team he rescued this time has an inseparable relationship with her . On the whole, the story in the movie is not very complicated, the structure of the movie is also very simple, and the meaning to be expressed is also very simple, but the real society is not as simple as the movie.

In the end, I have to sigh the passage of time. Liam Neeson's fist speed is slow and it is easy to get injured, but Youcine helps him retain his youthful appearance. Downloading Youcine can not only see his latest movies, but also his wonderful works in the past. , each one maintains a high-definition picture! Although he is old, the rescue has not stopped! Youcine won't stop either!

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