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Zidane: A portrait of the 21st century

Zidane: A portrait of the 21st century

  “Zidane, a portrait of the 21st century” by Philipe Parren and Daniel Gordon, is a record of a football game through the “gaze” of Zinedine Zidane, undoubtedly one of the best football players of all time. The documentary shows all of Zidane's steps through a game previously chosen at random, trying to capture the emotions and poetry of the player's movements through several video cameras, from when he entered the field, until the end.

  This documentary is not the typical retrospective, which are made as a tribute to living legends, with interviews with family members, etc... . “Zidane, a portrait of the 21st century” aims to show a simple ‘game’ in the life of this player, who, like anyone else, has his good and bad days.

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  The documentary bets on this uncertainty of the future, and was filmed in a game of the first division of soccer of Spain, against Villareal, in the league of the years 2004/2005. During the game, Zidane is not seen as the most technically perfect football player of recent times, much less a mediocre Zidane. You see a fighting player on the field, battling against fouls and strong markings from his opponents, who knew well what Zidane - the great Real Madrid player - was capable of doing on the field.

  The documentary has a slow denouement. The film divides critics, who both call it “a drought”, and one of the most interesting and honest experimental films of recent times. It is not a production that can be viewed from an easy technical point of view, both for football fans and for the most disinterested in this regard. There are good reasons to watch it. The benefit that the spectator can take from the documentary depends a lot on his disposition regarding his technical vision of this production. The documentary goes deep into the silence of the player's movements, or the violence of kicking the ball, and of course there are all the layers of the atmosphere of sounds and visuals that have a football stadium full of football fans.

  This production makes us see Zidane's interaction with his teammates, and makes us realize what Zidane as a person thinks, while waiting for the ball to come to his feet.

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  The game that was chosen for the documentary was, ironically, a perfect summary of his entire playing career, showing an explicit moment of genius - among many - and another moment that clearly shows Zidane's fallible side. The documentary ends his career, with incontestable proof that Zidane is a human being, behind all his talent, with which he favored the football world throughout his career.

  This production has the effect of making the viewer shiver because of the way it is edited and because of its technical and artistic perfection and magnitude.

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